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Mittendrin - Deine Hebammenpraxis in Duisburg. Zur Ausstattung jedes Zimmers gehört ein Telefonanschluss ein Kabelfernsehanschluss ein kostenloser Internetanschluss, außerdem hat jeder Bewohner einen Briefkasten ein Schrankfach in der Küche ein Kühlschrankfach. Places near Studentenwohnheim Adolph Kolping, Etage. First the floor kitchens have to be mentioned. Also current videos or great sport events are shown there frequently on the big. That is the best opportunity to meet or get to know other occupants and have a talk to them. TV room, table tennis, likewise in the cellar is a room for playing table tennis and, if you do not have a television, rooms for watching. I don't know if I should talk about the private parties.

In the court yard of the residence There is the option to rent one of the parking spaces. If you want to apply for a room in the residence, call the office during the opening hours or send an e-mail to the management. But the highlight is the party room. The roommates are accountable for the cleanliness of the kitchen.

Wednesday 8 -.m. Every Wednesday the party team organises drinks and good music. These rooms can be used by every occupant and are very popular. Also you can download a form and mail or send per fax the filled in form. Leaving the floors and have a look at the cellar. Therefore every week one of the occupants has to clean the kitchen and once a semester the roommates meet in order to clean the kitchen together (and have a party.). Phone:, comments, no comments yet! The residence has some communal used rooms.