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Clothes Campaign distributed questionnaires about working and production conditions to several outdoor producers in 20, Jack Wolfskin decided to become a member of the FWF as there were many similarities to the own established social audit system. 7 Together with Wolfgang Niedecken and World Vision Germany the project "Rebound" was initiated in 2008. BR - - kfas -? Jack Wolfskin was graded into the second best category of five categories. Jack Wolfskin has a history of aggressive legal action related to their paw print logo. In 2002 they succeeded in prohibiting the taz newspaper 10 from using a paw print design on merchandise designed for outdoor use on the grounds that the taz logo designed in 1978 was not registered as a trademark, whereas the Jack Wolfskin logo was registered. And it's happening from 10am Sunday! Youth Camp 6 a unep -initiative which has the aim to train young persons an environmentally awareness and a thrifty use of resources in cooperation with Arved Fuchs. Callaway Golf Company, with an estimated finalisation in early 2019.

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In November 2009 Jack Wolfskin threatened the Dutch company Bearwear, a clothing supplier to the gay bear scene, with legal action causing it to suspend its European web shop and generating ill-feelings to Wolfskin with its customers. Jack Wolfskin had supplied only specialist shops until the first own shop was opened in Heidelberg in 1993. These include Bain Capital Credit, HIG / Bayside Capital and CQS, who now own more than 50 of the brand. As the impact of the negative publicity became apparent Jack Wolfskin later issued a press release to indicate they would in future open dialog directly with people it suspected of breaching its copyright, rather than sending damage payment demands as the first contact. A blunt refusal to back down by Jack Wolfskin led to calls to boycott their products in several online communities in Germany and abroad. Simultaneously the former CEO and co-owner Manfred Hell left the company with immediate effect, after 25 years on the top of the company. Simultaneously - without any valid court decision - they directly accused them of violating trademark property rights. This was eventually resolved, allowing Bearwear to continue trading with its logo that incorporates a bear paw print. The brand is popular not only among hikers and mountaineers but predominantly worn in everyday situations; Jack Wolfskin clothes and accessories are fashionable amongst urban Germans Wilderness chic.

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