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school of music and art has been successfully implemented four times thus far by the Rahn Dittrich Group. Although not all instruments are covered as standard at every music school, our good interlinking means that it is possible for arrangements to be made on request. The range is rounded off with courses and supplementary lessons in percussion/rhythm, ensemble, choir, voice training, dance, composition and music theory. Rahn Education is coordinated by the head office, which is located fussball bonn hardtberg in campus Graphical quarter in Leipzig (Saxony, Germany).

The resulted synergies offer unique benefits for our students and attractive career opportunities for our staff. Germany, rahn, education maintains 35 educational facilities in Germany and at various international sites, with a team comprising around 730 staff. With us it is possible to move between the different school forms at any time. All our educational sites are connected with each other. Each of these music schools provides a supporting range of offers for other establishments of the Rahn Dittrich Group and is also an independent unit in its own right. The passion with which we are involved in education is embedded in a medium-sized company structure and culture of which we are convinced that it will ensure lh 434 münchen chicago the sustainability of our efforts in the long run. The facilities offered. Read the current issue online 2018 Rahn Education. This means that our daycare centres and schools can utilise the resources of the music schools, whilst these are also open to other children and adolescents. In addition, in projects such as the stock exchange planning game and our international partnerships the pupils gain a better understanding of the world in all of its complexities. In this they employ individual and flexible forms of teaching.