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elected to replace Stell with 59 of the vote. 1, im benachbarten, altona, das zu, preußen gehörte und eine Sandfilteranlage für Trinkwasser hatte, erkrankten während der Epidemie weit weniger Menschen als in Hamburg. In 1920, the League of Nations decided that the matter of the German-Danish border would be settled by a vote. Flensburg is the site of a number of radio transmission facilities: on the Fuchsberg in the community of Engelsby, Norddeutscher Rundfunk runs a transmission facility for VHF, television and medium wave. Rummuseum History of the "Rum Town" of Flensburg. The nearest larger towns are, kiel (86 kilometres (53 miles) south) and. Also west of the town lies the Flensburg-Schäferhaus airport.

Flensburg's eastern shore is part of the Angeln peninsula. Jürgen-Kirche stands there today Old Town Hall, 15th century, demolished in 1883 Government building, appellate court and house of the estates, from 1850 to 1864 political centre of the Duchy of Schleswig, gave way to a department store in 1964 Speicher Johannisstraße 78 (warehouse bombed.

Until 1870, figures are mostly estimates, and thereafter census results or official projections from either statistical offices or the town administration itself. Flensburg is home to Schleswig-Holstein's Central State Library, a university library, a town bookshop and the Danish Central Library for South Schleswig. "Dänische Minderheit: Der Verbindungsmann Inland".

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Robert Koch kommentierte die Verhältnisse beim Rundgang durch das. They also all subscribe to the Schleswig-Holstein tariff system whereby anyone travelling from anywhere in Schleswig-Holstein or Hamburg may use Flensburg buses free to connect with their final destinations. This trend was limited in Flensburg by a lack of money, but before the policy was finally stopped in the late 1970s, countless old buildings had been demolished in the north and east Old Town to be replaced by newer structures. Politics edit The town council was led for centuries by two mayors, one for the north town (St. During the Second World War, the town was left almost unscathed by the air raids that devastated other German cities. Die Epidemie brach während eines heißen Sommers aus. Statistisches Amt für Hamburg und Schleswig-Holstein (in German). In 1284, its town rights were confirmed and the town quickly rose to become one of the most important in the Duchy of Schleswig. Every household in the town kept livestock in the house and the yard. Er hatte aufgrund hamburgischer Besonderheiten verheerende Ausmaße. Fachhochschule Flensburg, a Fachhochschule with more than 3,000 students; in 1886 a royal steamship machinist school was established, out of which developed a ship's engineers' school.