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drinks it serves, whether alcoholic or not, with bartenders keen to offer an opinion. Website: Papa Joe's Jazzlokal So pokey the bands almost play on top of the audience, but thats part of the charm of Papa Joe's Jazzlokal, one of the oldest jazz clubs in Germany. Address:, Vogelsanger Strasse 200, Cologne, 50825 Telephone. Address:, Luxemburger Strasse 40, Cologne, 50674 Telephone. Address:, Barbarossaplatz 5, Cologne, 50674, telephone. Website: ml Luxor Following Nietzsche's mantra - "Life without music would be a mistake" - this live music venue is a local favourite in Cologne. Brauhaus Sion for a few very tasty local Koelsh, a top fermented beer served cold in small glasses that just keep coming until you tell them to stop. Address:, Buttermarkt 37, Cologne, 50667 Telephone. I have been to, cologne three times. Website: Live music in Cologne lanxess arena The largest multifunction hall in Germany, lanxess arena has hosted the likes of Pavarotti, Eric Clapton, Elton John and Rod Stewart. To find out what's on in Cologne, pick up a free monthly copy of the bilingual.

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Its worth a detour just to look at the facade by night, even if you have no intention of going. If you are looking for anything fancier and more than the local regional food fare, which is good by the way, the other area to go for more bars and restaurants in the Belgian Quarter, a little bit farther West of the Cathedral square. Früh am Dom is a labyrinthine brauhaus, where sooner or later everyone ends. Re: Only have one night in Cologne. I think the city is really nice and the people are great.