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ALL AT SEA. (uns) Stärker in Garitz, near Bad Kissingen, reopened last year after a twelve month hiatus. (Rosi Kagert) 12th September 2013 bayern There is a true nanobrewery at the Grenzglashütte in Bayerisch Eisenstein but it's not truly commercial. Dom, Rats and Giesler Kölsch are now brewed by Erzquell in Bielstein.

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Schleswig-holstein The first beer from the new Grönwohlder Hausbrauerei should be available in the next week. The owner has not ruled-out restarting but currently sells Löbauer (Sascha Bruns) schleswig-holstein There is a new brewery to report in Albersdorf, a small town on the railway from Heide to Neumünster. Es wird um vollständiges Erscheinen gebeten, da die Termine für das nächte Jahr eingeplant werden müssen. Rheinland-pfalz Roman Drüg reports brewing returned to Alzey last year in the form of Volker-Bräu. The beer is now made in Mitterteich, presumably at their namesake. There seems to be some doubt as to whether they will actually resume brewing themselves. ( Alex Deuerlein ) 20th August 2011 baden-W Ürttemberg Brauhaus Zollernalb opened in Albstadt-Ebingen yesterday. (Paul Lockwood) 3rd September 2014 bayern Brewing was suspended at Pürner in Etzelwang two years ago, apparently due to the local health department insisting on prohibitively expensive upgrades. A brewpub opened on the Mönchhof industrial estate south-west of Kelsterbach last summer.